Brazil’s Economy Picking Up Speed Again – January 2019

Brazil’s robust economy is picking up speed again!  Newly elected President and his pro-market team of Ministers and advisors have vowed to reduce the size of mammoth State while implementing long-awaited and impactful measures to simplify taxation, incentivize industrial activity, rationalizing labor costs and easing on overall unfriendly business environment in the country thereby rendering a more enticing market.  In the meanwhile, assets are, by and large, still cheap (not only in the agribusiness but in various other industrial activities as well), and the untapped health, infrastructure, education, just to mention a few sectors, present interesting and promising opportunities.  In 2017 and 2018 the economy showed signs of recovery (after a deep 3-year recession); in 2017 foreign investments beat a record of U$750 billion mostly in capital investment (equity).  Prandini, De Luca & Pimenta Advogados (PDP) is ready to offer full-fledged services for foreign investors interested in setting up operations in Brazil.  PDP is sensitive to the importance of well-tailored partnerships with local investors as a means to mitigate the risks associated with venturing overseas.