The firm recognizes that, while high quality is essential, its services must also be cost effective and provide value. Our flexible approach to staffing focuses special experience where needed and avoids redundancy. PDP balances the costs of its own work, the costs of the solutions it recommends and the benefits to be derived by its clients. We are always pleased to discuss fees and billing procedures in advance of undertaking any assignment.

PDP is proud of its teamwork and collegiality and derives a great strength from being a true (and unique) partnership of lawyers. This environment fosters a free and open exchange of ideas and facilitates the development of creative solutions to client problems. PDP’s commitment to personal service to clients extends to all members in the company.

A client can expect a PDP representative to be responsive, attentive and flexible, and to communicate on a regular basis and in understandable language. This approach manifests itself in many ways, from the simple assurance that telephone calls are returned promptly to the identification of cost savings from solutions that the client might not have previously considered.